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this is a picture of the Harte Trail in winnipeg, manitoba


1) What is the Harte Trail?

The 6.5-kilometer Harte Trail runs through a narrow strip of wilderness in the heart of Charleswood, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It's a great place to walk, run, cycle, cross country ski or just explore nature. But, what many may not know is that Harte Trail is actually on an old railway bed. Some of the original wooden railroad ties to which the steel rail were attached can still be seen. The name Harte Trail was taken from the Harte Line, the first section of Grand Trunk Pacific Railway built in western Canada in 1894, and was in use until 1970. 


2) Is there a cost to the tour?

No - but we hope you may find some treasure that catches your eye!

3)  Can I purchase art after the tour?

Yes - You can contact any of the tour artists through this website after the tour. We'll make sure they get your email and get in touch.

4) Are there any washroom facilities available at any of the studios?

Washroom facilities within the private studio homes are not available to the public during the tour, so you may want to plan ahead on that issue.

5) Is parking available at all studio locations?

Yes parking  is available at all locations. However, depending on the location

and how busy the studio is at any given time, there may be a short walk.

6) Can I request a commission piece from an artist of my choosing?

You can certainly open up a dialogue with any of our members - however each artists has their own commitment level in taking on commission work.

7) I would like to become a participating artist - how do I apply?

Please click here to download our application form for the September 2025 Tour.  The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2025.

8) I don't understand what this Passport thing is about?

The Passport is a printed paper that each studio will stamp.  You turn in your passport at the last studio location you will be visiting.  This helps us plan for future years by getting some analytics on attendance.  Your  passport will be entered into a draw for $400 towards the purchase of any items seen on tour provided you have 3 or more stamps.   Each studio is so unique - we are sure you will want to visit all artists in all locations.

If you have other questions please use our contact form to reach out.   We will be happy to respond to any enquiries.


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